Talking Sh*t.


Even the PM Theresa May no longer gives a shit

It’s a noun.
e.g. I took a shit.

It’s a verb.
e.g. I shit every morning. (NB: irregular past tense – I shat yesterday. Not I shitted yesterday.)

It’s an adjective.
e.g. This is a shit day.

At a stretch, it can even be an adverb.
e.g. That tastes shit bad!

And of course, it’s an interjection.
e.g. Your wife left you? Shit.

Let’s face it: (sh)it’s a handy word.

With contemporaneous and simultaneous nonstop shitstorms on both sides of the Atlantic — though in terms of potential worldwide potential harm, I do think Trump trumps Brexit –, Americans and Brits are, once again, living parallel lives. (Recall the Reagan-Thatcher period.)

So what about expressions with the word shit?

Do we use the word in parallel? I did some research, which is to say, for any idioms I was not sure, I WhatsApp’d my Brit mate who is very down with all this. I have learned that the following would be understood in both the states and on the island:

When it comes to Brexshit, as sick as everyone is of that shit, we were all glad that on the 29 March the shit did not hit the fan. Incredibly, some people think Nigel Farage is the shit while most thinking people think he’s a piece of shit and it’s becoming a thing to throw milky shit in his face. (Boy, did he lose his shit!) But it’s all been going on for so long, that people are starting not to give a shit (although The City i.e. London’s Wall Street is studying the shit out of Brexit’s implications.) The government has got to get its shit together!

post milky shit

But the Brits would get lost with the next bit:

The PM has caught so much shit that she’s resigned. And I shit you not when I say, they’ll be kicking the shit out of whoever is the next PM!

So do the Americans win the Shit Prize? No. The Brits have a whole other lexical trajectory with their word shite (pronounced with a long “i”) so we don’t have shit on them. (To which Brits would say, No shit, Sherlock!)

There are many other shit phrases exemplified in the clip below:


So what to do in the middle of a shitstorm? I think this meme sums it up quit nicely:






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