Cheers, Me and Josh

The British do some very cute things: they say “Cheers” instead of “Thanks,” they say “me” instead of “my” – “Gotta call me dad,” and they add those darling question tags at the end of all their sentences — “Nice day, isn’t it?”, “Got meself pissed last night, didn’t I?”

But the cutest of the cute is that they name their houses. I noticed when I visited my friend, Alice. Alice lives in The Garden Flat, and it’s even included on her formal address.

Alice HerLastNameNobodysBusiness
The Garden Flat
2 Cambridge Street
Tunbridge Wells TN3 4SQ

I mean, besides plantations (Scartlett’s Tara from Gone with the Wind), and some holiday homes in Cape Cod and the like (Seascape, Sea le Vie, Vitamin “Sea” etc)  Americans don’t name their houses.

Here are some examples of British home names:

sometimes it’s food related —

sometimes a posh name —

then of course, there’s the royalty angle — IMG_5521

Thus, we decided to name our house, too.
We have called it Josh.

12 thoughts on “Cheers, Me and Josh

  1. Wow. I didn’t know about the house-naming. Guess here in Italy, naming is much less original. The signs outside buildings usually say ‘Do not park in front of the entryway.” “Pick up after your dog”, etc. The British tourists who don’t read Italian might assume they share this quaint tradition. : )

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    • how about Sambuca’s Castle? or Castle of Sambuca. Sambuca Abbey? oooooooh!!!!! i got it! Sambuca Mews!!!!!!! hahahaha! “Mews” is a british word referring to residences! ha – or should i say MEEEEOWWWW-ZER!


    • well, i’ve got some doozies coming down the pike! busses with an upstairs! the u in coloUr, all the “bits” – “naughty bits”, “little bits”,pronouncing hurricane as hurri-CAN.(like if you can, you should hurry the f out of the weather!). And you guys put the “i” back in aluminum! so cute! hahahah

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      • I lived in America for 4 years and the word ‘aluminum’ just sounded ridiculous to us,the way they pronounced it was soooooooo wrong! 😊 But I must admit I don’t pronounce ‘hurricane’ the way you say so that might be a regional thing. Where about are you in the UK?….. Or maybe I’m more American than I thought, lol!

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      • i’m in worthing. meant to go to brighton but… well, here i am. and am looking to move soon! i do love being on the coast though! the worthing seafront is lovely.

        where exactly are you in puglia? near brindisi, did you say?


      • Yes, San Vito Dei Normanni. I love it because it’s not touristy at all but it’s well positioned, close to the beach, airport (so the transfer for friends & family is super quick) and then you have Ostuni, Leece, Ceglie, Alberobello and the fabulous wine region of Manduria, plus many many more places of interest to explore and best of all it’s all on my doorstep.😉


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