Table Envy (Update to the Thing about Living Tableless)

IMG_5422 As I mentioned in an earlier post, I find myself living without a table. As odd as that is – standing for meals, hunched over to write blog posts and the back aches that ensue — what’s even odder is the Table Envy that manifests. I find myself peeping into strangers’ houses and wanting to join them, wanting to break bread with them, wanting to sit the @#$!! down. Look at the guy in the photo below – seems like he’d be a nice friend. And he has a table. IMG_5447 Now I see tables everywhere. google table I guess cuz I googled them. Even charity shops have tables. IMG_5489

8 thoughts on “Table Envy (Update to the Thing about Living Tableless)

    • WE GOT A TABLE!!!! the landlord borrowed it from his brother, apparently. i guess he noticed that we were constantly stretching and cracking our backs. (hope that’s not too gross to say.) i will have to make a blog announcement, i suppose. kinda fun this blog business.


      • Thought of you the other day. I was reading an Italian magazine article about an Italian lawyer living in London. She’s from a noble Italian family and wrote a cookbook about recipes from her youth. She was complaining about how the young English attorneys in her firm ‘eat junk food – they DON’T EVEN OWN A TABLE in their flats.’ So now you’ll have to snoop around to determine the actual figures…

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      • see that!!! so it’s not just my roommate. ha! frank and i have been snooping a bit but the investigation will need to go deeper… calling Scotland Yard! (damn, Kimberly, sure do miss the darn cibo)


      • Haha. But back here on the boot, you didn’t have exotic offerings such as spaghetti sandwiches. Told my boys about that, by the way, and the look on their faces was priceless. Wish I’d had a camera.

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