When You Have A Blog, Everything is Interesting


The Shoreline “Restaurant” – Worthing Hospital (clockwise from top left: yellow “jelly,” scone, hot chocolate, 2 thingys of butter, “creamy” hot chocolate, and “cutlery” (i like the brit fancy words 😉

I met my new friend, Harri (“a bird?” my roommate Tom later asked me), at the Worthing pier. She asked me if I wanted to go to the hospital. There’s a cafe there. And I thought, my God, these people have cafes everywhere. Bookstores, yes of course, but clothing shops and supermarkets for crying out loud. Even opticians. Don’t believe me? Look!



Anyway, we went to the “Shoreline Restaurant Cafe” at the Worthing hospital, chatted and had our snack (see yellow jelly and scone photo above) and when I went to take the photo of our hospital tray complete with hospital food, Harri said, “When you have a blog, everything is interesting.”

We then went to the Burlington Pub to see if they have a room where we, The Rogue Players could do a monthly sketch/comedy/singing show thingy.

A friend of Harri’s was there – an old dude named Eddie and he entertained us. In his younger days, Eddie was a porn star. Or so he says. He also says he was married to Miss Sweden 1971 for eight years. Here he is:


He kept calling me Grand Canyon because he couldn’t remember Terianne. I think it’s a reference to my being American and not a pornographic reference but I guess I’ll never know.

I googled Miss Sweden 1971. Not so easy to find. But this might be her:



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