People have— Ok, let’s be honest — I had, the most difficulty parting with Italy on the basis of two things:

1. Food
2. Weather

The food is goddamn good, ok. Period. No need to go on about that. Pretty obvious about the weather as well.

The thing is, England is known for two negative things:

1. Food
2. Weather

So, situation is effed up.

But now I come to her defense — I mean, defenCe. Oh, Mother England. See video below and please defend her as well in your comments!!!!

And take the poll. Winners will be announced shortly.

10 thoughts on “IN DEFENCE OF ENGLAND

  1. Great video! Love you guys, love bananas, (the same as in Italy, from Latino America…) love chips, you’ll learn to love them, too, and the weather??? well, you can’t have EVERYTHING in life… not yet… and you did the f…. g right thing! Baci


  2. The thing is, my dears, is that we all thought we had got rid of you. Finally. Thank f@@k for that. But then you keep coming back!!! To do that ridiculously fabulous Comedy Thingy. So really you’re getting the best of both worlds. Which means you can enjoy the best breakfast in the world (English), a light snack at lunch (Easyjet) and then the best supper (Italian). What more could you ask for?


    • To quote one of the greatest actors (excuse me while i jerk my tongue out of my cheek), “I’LL BE BAAAAACK!!!”

      Can you please get Lady Dyanne to participate (and not just as a volunteer as winning a job as she did) in the darn show!


  3. Funny video!

    It’s 31 degrees (0.5 C) here in NYC. Of course, it’s Jan, not Oct. Still, it’s 47 (8.3 C) in London right now. Sounds pretty balmy to me!


    • That video was so fun to do! And done on the first take, thank you very much! Although a Funny Thing Happened on My Way to Trinitapoli. (my mom’s home town.) I was there for xmas (cuz my mom was visiting there) and it was colder THERE than here in England. And it snowed! First time in over 20 years! The southern Italians had no idea how to handle it! Thanks for following the blog! Miss you kids….


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